Ben is ready to help you face each day with a smile and a surfboard. He loves all things 70s, so he’ll never cut his hair or sell his VW bus! He’s a 17-year-old who enjoys surfing, skateboarding, reading his Bible, and hanging out with his faithful pal, YellowDog.

Above all, Ben has unwavering faith in Jesus and is eager to share that saving grace with the whole world! He firmly believes that Jesus is the answer to…well, everything!


As his loyal sidekick and eternal friend, YellowDog adds humor to every adventure!

YellowDog is curious, just like you, and he’s always willing to ask the questions you’re afraid to ask.


These little sketches are simple stick figures that pop up whenever they are needed. The Stickmen help us to understand the story behind every adventure that Ben and YellowDog embark on!

They’ll happily act out a variety of Bible characters. But they can also show up anywhere in Ben’s world if they please.

The Stickmen are rarely seen by our main characters. Mostly, their antics just make you laugh as you watch The Adventures of Ben Born Again and YellowDog!

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